31 mrt 2012
12 mei 2012

In Recycleight we redefine and reconsider our understanding of light. How can we make full use of the potential of light? Light can be intensified using bleach, mirrors and lenses. Light can be trapped using photo-luminescent pigments. These are just some of the inspirational lo-tech solutions that we will explore and discuss in the workshop.


Recycleight -

Participants are encouraged to solve 21st century energy and light pollution. Gionata Gatto and Mike Thompson launched the Trap Light Project in 2011. The designers are able to trap light in the body of the glass objects using photo-luminescent pigments and the Murano glass-blowing technique. This technique enables the absorption of light, which is then transmitted again as atmospheric light.

Dates 2012: Sat May 12, more to come
Time: 10.00h
Price: €55,-
Duration: ± 6 hours

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