Mediamatic Magazine 3#1 1 jan 1988

Kaap's Adverstising

SEVEN UP were the first to do it. Two years ago. They hired an entire poster hoarding. And then filled it just with the green of the SEVEN UP can or bottle.

Instead of hiring the space for a single poster, they hired the entire hoarding. Now they've perfected it with the ad for GLORIX toilet cleaner. Expensive? Yes. But does it work? Sure I think it works because you exclude all other information. And that creates an enormous impact. The ultimate in advertising. That you just show the product and it's an ad in itself without having to mess around with verbiage.

Do I clean my own lavatory? Sure I do. But not with any fancy product. Just with GLORIX. And VIM. I've even done ads. For VIM. Right in the beginning. When they brought out some new packaging. I made a kind of strip cartoon drawing. You saw the old box disappearing somewhere on the left. Then it re emerged on the right completely repackaged. Rather like it had a new coat on. That sort of nonsense.

The lunacy of it all ... twenty people sitting around for a whole day in some stuffy office sweating over an idea ... About MAGGI soup cubes ... that's close to total lunacy ... You know what ... we'll have a little train ... And it's pulling little wagons with all the different MAGGI cubes ... And it goes ... CHUFFER CHUFFER CHUFFER TOOT TOOT TOOT ... And that's the way it went on ... It was at INTERMARCO ... Now known as PUBLICIS ... It was just a regular grown-up agency.

It was a good idea but never used. PHILIPS, as seen on radio and television. And why was it not used? I think that finally there simply wasn't the budget. That's what it all comes down to.

Do you know what Dinkdom is? The Double-income-nokids group. That's already passé. Now the ultimate concern is once more for safety, security, a nest. The latest trend is also called Cocooning. Trendology. I'm right there, waiting with my answer if you want to know what the latest trend in advertising is. Without a doubt the trend is for showers and punch-bags! In advertising.

If you'd like to quote something: Van der Kaap, Gérald. "Glorix." Mediamatic Magazine vol. 3 # 1 (1988).

Translation: Annie Wright