Ina Stockem

People on The Move ( PoTM)


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Ina Stockem has been following a modern dance eduaction in Amsterdam. She also studied physical theatre and choreography. She improved her theatrical skills in Art in society an organization where theatrical tools adapt towards the needs and problems of differerent target groups as for example teenagers, managers or handicapped people. Right now she is doing her master in cultural management.

Since 1999 she is working as a dancer, choreographer and cultural investor via her foundation People on The Move (PoTM) in Europe. She also colloborates with video, dance and music both as a performer and theatre maker. Her work is performed in theaters and festivals but also in in form of workshops, trainings and parties at different organizations and institutions like management centra's, eldery places, clubs, etc.

The body to communicate. Theatrical tools as a technique to express what moves one from inside. Dance creeps under the skin. It expresses atmospheres, feelings and moods. Dance as a movement language to describe conditions we cannot talk about verbally.