MetaMeets 2012

Interactive Seminar / Meetup Virtual Worlds, Augmented Reality and 3D internet

30 nov 2012
1 dec 2012

"The Art of Creation: Virtuality meets Reality"

Vergroot -


Virtual worlds and 3D internet have been developing continuously.
More are creating their own virtual world on their servers with Open Source and connect them together through hypergrid.
Mobile and browser based worlds have been created which makes the acces easier.
Mesh format uploads have provided a huge progress in content creation through open source programs like Blender, Google Sketchup and with the upcomming 3D printing the virtual objects from these worlds can now be printed out.
The Machinima creation in these worlds has also grown and improved with special interfaces and innovations in visual possibilities, making films shot in virtual worlds a professional tool for presentation to a mainstream audience.
With lectures, discussions, workshops we take you through these developments and connect the Virtuality with Reality.