Els Engel

Enormous vertical aquaponics farm in Chicago

In an abandoned warehouse

There has been some talk in the aquaponics community about the question whether aquaponics can be done commercially succesful. Here's an example, it's called FarmedHere


Enormous aquaponics farm in Chicago - Photo: FarmedHere

In an empty warehouse in Chicago a vertical aquaponics farm of almost 28000 square meter is being operated successfully. They hire local people, sell to local shops and their products are organically certified.

Where we were thinking about three or four products to grow in our aquaponics, they only have two: basil and arugula / Italian cress. Both need a temperature of around 20-25dC. They have Tilapia as fish, a good combination temperature-wise. Apparently they are looking to expand their range of products, with chives, mustard, kale and tomatoes.

They teamed up with a social organization in Chicago that trains underprivileged teenagers to be farmers. They donated an aquaponics system to the organization and some of the teenagers now work at the farm.

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