Other Aquaponics projects

In The Netherlands

Uit je eigen stad

About: A working aquaponics system based on deep water culture
Location: Rotterdam
Website: uitjeeigenstad.nl

Urbanfarmers AG in den hague

About: Greenhouse on the rooftop of the Schilde in The Hague
Location: The Hague
Website: spaceandmatter.nl

Eco Futura

About : Aquaculture project
Location: Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Website: www.priva.nl

Improvement Centre

About: Researching cultivation processes
Location: Bleiswijk, The Netherlands
Website: improvementcentre.com

Aquaponics Facebook

Aquaponics Netherland facebook

Dutch Aquaponics

About: Kennis over aquaponics in Nederland
Location: Netherlands
Website: aquaplaats.nl


Vasch Aquaponics

About: Practice aquaponics and give advice to people
Location: Belgium
Website: aquaponic.be

Outside europe

The Aquaponics Doctors

About: University
Location: Vergin Islands
Website: theaquaponicsdoctors.com

Practical Aquaponics with Murray Hallam

About: Popular on youtube, they have also good teaching videos online and for sale
Location: Australia, North Maclan Qld
Website: practicalaquaponics.com

Bright Agrotech

About: Comercial Aquaponics farm, they have also good teaching videos online
Location: Laramie, WY
Website: brightagrotech.com


About: Big commercial Aquaponics farm
Location: Watsonville, California
Website: viridisaquaponics.com