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Pop-up warehouse

20 mei 2013
28 dec 2013

Storm Space turned its 450 m2 temporary location into a pop-up warehouse with art, fashion, handmade, vintage and more.
The mini-mall features a number of regularly changing shops and an art exposition.

The location is a huge former printing factory on Swammerdamstraat 44-54, near the Amstel hotel. Besides a nice place to shop for art, wannahaves, new clothes and original gifts it's a playground for artists, designers, resellers, webshops and anyone with an eye for opportunities and the ability to act quick. Drop by to shop around or see what's in it for you!

Open Thu 12.00-21.00 Fri 12.00-18.00 & Sat 12.00-18.00
WINTERSTOP from January to April 2013

Stay tuned on new locations and events on and