explores the chaos of visual phenomena


thoughts through space - explore to discover

I am eyekino, i create, i am a mechanical eye. Show you the world as i see it.
Now & Forever, i free myself from human immobility. I am in constant motion, i draw near then away from objects, maneuvering in the chaos of movement. Starting with movements of the most complex combinations. Eyekino explores the chaos of visual phenomena that fills space. She gathers and records in a different form then the human eye.

Studied at the Royal Art Academy & Conservatory in The Hague, Interfaculty Image & Sound, graduated in 2006.

I like composing in space; composing for space; infinite space; expanding and diminishing forms; disintegration of forms; forms that interpenetrate; successive transformable and ephemeral forms to disappear and then reform in an infinite progression; flow of movement; simultaneous rhythm; instant present; arrested motion; slow motion; fragmented images; the surface of the screen; exterior rhythm; cubist composition.