Jonnet M

Hacking the party

At Social RFID Hacker Camp 2009, Day 6

Mediamatic organized a get together for their clients and network.
After an intense week, it's party night. The Surinamese food has run out but the champagne is still flowing and, under the umbrellas of the hackercamp balcony, hackers are finally letting their hair down.


The start of a long party night - At hacker camp '09 Jonnet M

Met: Ino Paap

But hacker habits die hard as shown in Sly's hands-free champagne glass. Edwin and Neil are like two boys in a toy shop playing with random electronic stuff on the hackercamp shelves, now finally free to explore and tinker at will. Tijmen can't be parted with a blue gnome hat, the winning ikGnome team.


Sly's champagne hack - At hacker camp '09 Jonnet M

A zealous wave of minimalism hits hackercamp this afternoon driven by project co-ordinator Deborah's military style campaign. By 6pm a multitude of PICNIC guests is due to tour the hackercamp installations, starting with a screening of the project videos. The electronic spaghetti bolognese of cables, the stuff of Health and Safety nightmares, is untangled and wound up into neat bundles by patient hands. Tiny gadgets and clunky contraptions alike vaporise as order gradually emerges out of chaos.


Hardly a cable in sight! - At hacker camp '09 Jonnet M

Eight projects have been incubated in this space. Twenty hackers and as many back-up workers have inhabited the camp for almost twenty hours daily for the last 6 days, not to mention the whole Mediamatic office which squeezed in here for the final frenzied days. Such has been the level of focus on project completion that the bars and clubs on the camp doorstep were never a temptation. To a hacker with an amazing idea to be realised in 5 days there is no place for worldly distractions. The foreign hackers have barely seen more of the city of Amsterdam than the view from the number 10 tram.

Now it's finally time to party!!!