Stripe with Kenzo Kusuda and Gert-Jan Prins

Echokamer 19

13 jun 2014

An extra edition of Echokamer with sound artist Gert-Jan Prins, dancer Kenzo Kusuda and artist Cocky Eek.
Using the big inflatable cube as a starting point, Kusuda and Prins will improvise with the surrounding phenomena... the environment, the sound, the lighting and even the audience.


Stripe with Kenzo Kusuda - An striped inflatable by Cocky Eek


Stripe, a big striped inflatable cube, seems to be tailor-made for the magnificent space of the Mediamatic Factory. Cocky Eek studies and captures the dynamics of air, pneumatics and airflow by developing membranes and surfaces. Her approach blends quite naturally with dancer and choreographer Kenzo Kusuda who explores the dynamics and movement of the body in similar ways and in similar depth.


In an age where everyone is affected by the weight of society, the overbearing fears of the economy and the heavy hand of government, 'lightness' is the way forward. Let go of the material and celebrate the ethereal with 11 weeks of 'lightness'. Each week Mediamatic invites a new artist to question the meaning of 'lightness'.

More information

The event takes place at Mediamatic, VOC-Kade 10, Amsterdam on the 13th of June at 8.30 pm sharp!!! Entrance fee is 5 euro (= Mediamatic membership).

Come early and enjoy a refreshing beer at our sunny terrace.