Astrid Lubsen


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Industrial designer at Waag Society, interested in affective communication in wearables


In this workshop we will make a shirt that helps you protect your personal comfort space at social events. Some people tend to come too close without noticing your signs of discomfort. With this garment you can release a breeze of air, giving the other the subtle hint to back off a bit. It clears the air between you before it turns into an embarassing situation. The strength of the airstream can be adjusted according to the intrusiveness of the person in front of you. Optionally you can add a good or bad scent to your spray, either to attract or push away someone.

A pcb fan is hidden under a flap in the arm/shoulder region. The tip of the sleeve contains controlls to set the pump: on/off; blow power; contiuous/interval; smell additions; extra sounds, etc.

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