Results and proud failures

The first outcomes by the researchers of the Myco Design Lab at Bio-me

During Bio-me Mediamatic gave a sneak peak into the current design and research strategies of the Myco Design Lab participants at the Van Gendthallen. The lab is a collaborative project by the Utrecht University and Officina Corpuscoli.


Myco Design Lab Exposition - Participating artists of Myco Design Lab show their mycelium designs at Mediamatic Fabriek. Malcolm Kratz

About a year ago Mediamatic, Utrecht University and Officina Corpuscoli announced an open call inviting artists and designers to start working with mycelium. Since then five projects were selected and started developing their research proposals. During the Bio-me festival, 18 - 20 September 2014, the first results were presented in the Aquaponics Office.

Fungi are organisms that have an enormous cultural potential that we are only just starting to discover. For Mediamatic fungi are being explored as a source of new biodegradable materials that can replace many synthetics during the 21st century.

In order to discover and develop the many possibilities mycelium has to offer, we have to learn about its qualities. Utrecht University helps answering the following questions: can mycelium be transparent? Does it absorb water or is it repellent? How variable is its flexibility? Can you color mycelium? Can you fixate its fluffy texture?

Growing new materials takes time and finding the right strategies for a design asks for trial and error. The results shown at Bio-me are samples and first explorations of the research proposals to give an insight into the process of the project.

Works by: Marieke Broertjes, Rosalie Bak, Maurizio Montalti, Caroline de Roy, Mandy den Elzen, Aniela Hoitink, Kristel Peters