BioTalk: Bulletproof Skin and growing Mycelium Lamps

Wednesday April 9th. Food at 19:00, talks at 20:00

Jalilla Essaïdi and Jonas Edvard talk about their projects, both engaged in the development of sustainable products. Jalilla is creating a bulletproof skin of spider silk and is optimizing this as a synthetic product. Jonas’ growing mycelium lamp provides you edible oyster mushrooms within 2 weeks. The MYX lamp is an end-waste product made with fungi and leftover material from the textile industry.

Join us for food and two talks about bio-based art, research and design on April 9

Below: Jonas' MYX lamp and Jalilas' bulletproof skin


MYX Lamp by Jonas Edvard - Mushroom-mycelium lamp, 2013 Jonas Edvard

More information

Entrance with a valid Mediamatic Membership, available at the door (€5 for 9 weeks). Location: Mediamatic, VOC-kade 10, Van Gendthallen Amsterdam. Dinner (optional, for €5) at 19:00, the presentations start at 20:00. 

Bio Industry

This event is part of Mediamatic Bio Industry, a broad techno-cultural lab exploring the possibilities of fungal material and other bio-based materials for design, science and art. Made possible by the DOEN foundation and the Mondriaan Fund.

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