Jia Chang - Korea Artist Prize

Met: Jia CHANG

Utilizing the human body to address social taboos, Chang realizes her art through performance, video, installation, and photography.

Chang deals with the body as both a sensory system and a person’s innermost essence, rather than as a cultural product that reflects the social view. Her work can be associated with feminist art, in that she reveals women as desiring subjects, rather than voyeuristic objects. However, by using her artistic imagination to expose taboos relevant to all human bodies, she transcends the limits of classification and explores the broader boundaries of art.

The artist (b. 1973 in Seoul, Korea) lives and works in both Seoul and New York. She received her BFA (2001) and MA (2003) degrees from Korean National University of the Art in Seoul.

Selected solo exhibitions include: Cruel and Beautiful... at DOOSAN Gallery NY in New York (2014); The Reason Is You at Gaain Gallery in Seoul(2013); I confess at Gallery Jungmiso in Seoul (2011); Omerta- Commandment of Silence at Walsh Gallery in Chicago (2008); Omerta – Commandment of Silence at Alt Space LOOP in Seoul (2007); Where is the center of gravity? at Seoul Art Cinema in Seoul (2004); Wonderful Happiness Insurance at Iiju Art House in Seoul (2002); and What’s the Matter at Art Sonje Center in Seoul (2001).

Selected group exhibitions include: What if~ corea campanella at Amadeus Hotel Venice in Italy (2013); Encuentro etre artista at Centro Cultural Coreano en Espana in Spain(2013); Move on Asia. Video art in Asia 2002-2012 at ZKM Media Museum in Germany(2012); Video+Cast at Arko Museum Project Space in Seoul(2011); Artist's Body at Koreana Museum in Seoul(2010); Dissonant Visions at Seoul Museum of Art in Seoul (2009); New Acquisitions at Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art in Gyeonggi, Korea (2009); An Insignificant Matter at Sangsangmadang Gallery in Seoul (2008); and Her Room at Doosan Art Center in Seoul (2007).


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