Jop Cornelis

An Artist who creates escapement to another world where the time stands still


Dune of Sleepsand, painting by Jop Cornelis -

Every day we are confronted with thousands of images that infiltrate our lives through the media. In this chaos of information Jop Cornelis creates escapes, by making paintings that do not contain any reflection of topicality and are separated from our society.

Artworks in which Jop Cornelis brings the viewer to a place where time stands still. Like windows to an endless mysterious world. With my obsession for details, I search for the abstraction in our environment. The figures that only exist in a split second. From my subconscious I combine nonexistent objects with realistic shapes, subjects that are forgotten in the bustle of our existence. For me, the complexity of simplicity is a place where tension and tranquility come together. To reduce the grandeur of the earthly existence to a minimalist representation.

I grew up in a world dominated by the new media. That is why Jop Cornelis see our world through romantic eyes, like shots of a imaginitive feature film.
By working in a classical technique I give a realistic representation of abstract shapes. In this way I integrate  the principe of the romantic artist in the 21st century.


Contact informatie

  • Jop Cornelis
  • botterstraat 158
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  • Amsterdam
  • NL