Leonard Linden

Artist who makes close-ups based on our media.


I'm Loving It! Oil on canvas 160x200cm. Painting made by Leonard Linden. -

From the world of consumption and capitalism I create compositions in new theatrical settings.   
In my collages I want to give my interpretation, based on my autistic memories of videogames and movies.   

I work from intuition, but to express myself more I ‘’help’’ the artworks by  ‘’remanipulating’’ them in a rational manner, as is done in the media. Therefore I call myself an unreliable artist. I use art as an acting tool.  

I demonstrate how the media influences reality. Thanks to our visual language  the audience immediatly thinks to understand images. I play with that language. Seeing is believing.

[ thhttp://www.leonardlinden.nl/e link WEBSITE]

Contact informatie

  • Leonard van der Linden
  • botterstraat 158
  • 1034BV
  • Amsterdam
  • NL