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For women who stand up!

WoPeeH pocket is the newest reusable urinating device for practical modern woman! WoPeeH pocket is specifically designed to easily take with you and lockable. Made of sturdy plastic it is reliable to use and easy to rinse. The WoPeeH was tested by 6 different people in multiple scenarios, wearing a variety of articles of clothing.

Overall, the WoPeeH scored a 3.5 out of 5.


Revealing the WoPeeH for Research - Ana Valls


Mediamatic Review

The users had many mixed feelings about the WoPeeH. Four out of 5 of the users felt the WoPeeH was priced too high at 15 euros/1 device. The other 2 users were happy with the price for what it offered. All of our users tested this device at home first. It is an FUD that takes some practice because of it's unique shape and extender. For this reason, WoPeeH scored a 2.8 out of 5 for use simplicity. Some of the users had difficulty with leakage and overflow at the opening and the pull-out attachment was a bit more complicated than the other FUD's. The material is comfortable against the skin and is the only FUD that the users could fit into their pants without pulling them down. It took a few practice rounds to know where to place the smaller opening but it is shaped more slender then the rest of the devices.
The device scored a 3.5 out of 5 for cleanliness. There was concern that the pull-out attachment was a hiding place for left over liquid and possible drips can remain on the outside of the device which makes the users squeamish about putting it in their bags after use.
The testers were on the fence as to whether or not they would use this device in the future, 50% said they would, 50% said they wouldn't. The pro-WoPeeH testers said it take some practice but is small and works with clothing better than the others. Those opposed to the WoPeeH simply said it was more complicated and they believed there were better options.
This device was recommended to woman in social scenarios because there is no need to bare your bottoms!

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