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The essential disposable urinal kit you won’t want to travel without. Frustration mounts while you’re on the road, alone or with your family, and "nature’s call" turns to "nature’s scream". There’s no toilet or restroom available, or if there is, it’s either occupied or grotesquely unsanitary. Panic sets in as you, your spouse, or your children, insist they’ve got to go now! Don’t wait for an emergency be prepared for one.

This FUD will be publicly reviewed at our October 29th issue of the Pis'Talk.

Overall, the TravelJohn scored a 4 out of 5.


TravelJohn - Disposable Urinal - Up to 3 uses - This urinal can be used up to 3 times. Once the bag is filled, it can be thrown away. Ana Valls


Mediamatic Review
The TravelJohn testers all agreed that the product was fairly priced at 1.46 euro per item. The testers wore an array of clothing including skirts, leggings and pants. The legging and pant wearers concluded that it was difficult to use the TravelJohn without pulling the clothing down to their feet. The collector urinals were used at home and when presented with an “icky toilet”. Overall, the TravelJohn was given a 4.75 out of 5 for ease of use. Users explained that the width of the urinal opening and strength of the material made it easy to apply to body and simply pee. The pee was absorbed right away in the bottom of the bag. Although the product was straight forward, some testers felt that they still needed to fuss with their clothing before they could apply the TravelJohn, therefore, they had to choose a place that was private.
The sanitation of this item scored a 4.25 out of 5. As said before, the pee was absorbed quickly in the bottom of the bag. Unfortunately, there was some splatter above the ‘zip-lock’ rim which deterred the users to return it to their bag to use again. If prepared with another plastic bag it is possible to fit 2-3 pee’s, otherwise users felt the need to toss them after 1. With that said, the TraveJohn is easy to carry in your purse prior to use. Fifty % of users said toilet paper was unnecessary where the other 50% said they only used it because it was routine.
After using the TravelJohn, 25% of users said they would prefer a disposable urinal, 75% were still unsure because of the useful characteristics in both disposable and reusable. Fifty% of users admitted they would use the TravelJohn again because it was convenient and made with a ‘hardy’ material. The other 50% said they were still not convinced. They still needed to find a private place to pee because they could not use it with their pants intact and the product needed to be disposed of for sanitation reasons.
All in all, 75% of users said they would recommend this product. Possible recommendations could be outdoor activities where leaving behind tissues is not allowed (hiking) or road trips with no rest stops in sight!
Overall, TravelJohn scored a respectable 4 out of 5.
The TravelJohn is meant for both men and women, therefore it may have different results when reviewed by men.

Website Information
In the home : For instance, how would you safely handle waste elimination in an emergency situation in the home ? Improper elimination and open containers of waste can cause a host of dangerous health problems that can be removed with the use of TravelJohn products. The truth is to be totally prepared for any emergency, you should have TravelJohn disposable waste collection products in all of your first aid kits ( in the car , home & work ).


Revealing a TravelJohn for Research - Ana Valls

At work : It is unfortunate but true. Some professions require personnel to work in areas lacking traditional or sanitary facilities. We estimate that time wasted searching for a proper facility can add up to thousands of euros per week, not to mention an unproductive, unhappy workforce. All this can be avoided with the small, easy-to-use TravelJohn.

To purchase or learn more about TravelJohn items, click here. An English version is available on this website as well.