Mushrooms are taking over the Dutch media

“Scientists, designers and dreamers are working on a revolution”.

For the last couple of months Motherboard, the technological arm of Vice have been on board to interview designers, scientists and mycelium experts about their work with fungi. The result is Schimmels. An inspiring mini documentary showcasing the work of Maurizio Montalti, Eric Klarenbeek and the Myco Design Lab, among others. Curious to learn what Mediamatic is currently doing with mycelium? Check out the interview with Willem Velthoven and Aniela Hoitink which was featured on At5 yesterday.

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Schimmels, het plastic van de toekomst - Screenshot of Schimmels a mini documentary by Motherboard, Vice about the potential of Mycelium. Interviews with: Maurizio Montalti, Willem Velthoven, Eric Klarenbeek. Vice


Schimmels, het plastic van de toekomst - Motherboard, Vice.
Bouwmaterialen en kledingstukken straks van schimmel - AT5.


May 27: Grow your own Oyster Mushrooms
Learn how to Grow Your Oyster Mushrooms on coffee waste and gain a better understanding of why mycelium is potentially a replacement for plastic.

Tickets: €25,00 (including a Mediamatic Membership)

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