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René Beekman is a Dutch visual artists who currently lives and works in Sofia, Bulgaria.

He is one of the founders of Reaktiv, a group of artists and technicians who create interactive installations for advertisement, events, theatre, performances and fun.

René Beekman received his art education at the AKI art-academy in Enschede (the Netherlands). He later followed additional classes, courses, and workshops at, among others, IRCAM in Paris (France), at the State University of New York in Buffalo (U.S.), and at CNMAT at Berkeley University (U.S.).

He is a board member of the GMT+2 Foundation, he is - together with Bulgarian artist Krassimir Terziev - co-founder and co-director of the xfilm festival for experimental film, video and new media in Sofia (Bulgaria). He's also a co-organisor of Dorkbot Sofia and Ignite Sofia.

René Beekman is a member of the review board of and has written reviews for Leonardo Digital Review.

Beekman teaches at the Digital Arts programme of the National Academy of Arts, Sofia (Bulgaria), which he helped establish.