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Ganzeer at Palace of the Arts, Cairo - Shooting Up Yours, during a One-Minute Film workshop at the Townhouse Gallery, Cairo, April, 2008 Slip of the Tongue, Why Not?, Palace of the Arts, Cairo, February, 2010

Illustrator, graphic designer, video artist, writer, and a bunch of other stuff.

"Ganzeer's design mantra works around the basis of the successful communication of social and cultural messages, as well as being able to broadcast these messages through projects that best encapsulate what is happening in our world today. These messages can be of a light-hearted matter, but they can also be quite poignant. What's more impressive is the flexibility and wide range of projects [Ganzeer] can adapt to, there appears to be no boundaries to [Ganzeer's] talent."
- Linah Tan,
Brownbook magazine, July/August 2007

"He does not refrain from criticizing both the government and the societal or religious constraints ruling his country."
- Cristina Viehmann,, May 2009

"It is not entirely clear what he thinks of humanity, but it is certainly something playful, and at the same time disturbing."
- Max Strasser,, February 2010

"Filled with infectious optimism and an eternal affection for superheroes, Ganzeer believes that comic books, bikes and good design can save the world."
- Aleksandra Sekinger,, April 2010


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