Ignite Amsterdam 13

12 presentations x 5

14 dec 2011

A better world in which mycelium-based materials have replaced plastic, and in which dirty warfare has made way for carbon-neutral destruction. Custom built sample software, ephemeral jewelry, and urban gaming. These were a few of the things we discussed during Ignite Amsterdam 13. View our upcoming Ignite events here.


Mirte at Ignite Amsterdam 13 - Mirte presents Mashlab's "Light Gun". Photo taken at Ignite Amsterdam 13. Govert de Jong

Met: Mirte


Ignite is run by locals, for locals. Fast-paced and merciless, Ignite evenings are fun, thought-provoking nights, full of fresh ideas and clever insights. Speakers get five minutes to present their idea. They make use of twenty slides that auto-advance every fifteen seconds. Ignite serves as a platform for locals to connect offline and have a drink together. All presentations will be given in English.


Milena Ivkovic

Play the City provides a working space in which urban developers, city planners, entrepreneurs and locals can rethink and imagine their neighborhood. Play Noord concerns the Overhoeks area in Amsterdam Noord.


Milena at Ignite Amsterdam 13 - Milena speaks about the Play the City project . Photo taken at Ignite Amsterdam 13. Govert de Jong


Mihail Kossev

Mihail is a permaculture teacher, consultant, and designer. Here to give us a lesson in permaculture 101.


Mihail at Ignite Amsterdam 13 - Mihail plays his Ukulele during his presentation about perma culture. Photo taken at Ignite Amsterdam 13. Govert de Jong

Met: Mihail

Maurizio Montalti

Maurizio is an artist and designer, exploring environmental friendly design. System Synthetics proposes fungi can be used to not only replace plastic, but can also be used to degrade the toughest of plastics.


Maurizio at Ignite Amsterdam 13 - Maurizio speaks of his art and fascinations at Ignite Amsterdam 13. Govert de Jong

Eva Fiore Kovacovsky

Swiss born artist working with photography, currently based in Amsterdam. Eva was nominated for the 2011 Dutch Doc Award.


Eva at Ignite Amsterdam 13 - Eva speaks about her photography. Foto taken at Ignite Amsterdam 13. Govert de Jong

Marieke van Erp

Marieke is a postdoctoral researcher working on Agora, a collaboration between the VU University Amsterdam, the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, and the Dutch national audiovisual archive Beeld en Geluid. Marieke will explain how Agora will enable people to easily access, search, and use museum collections.


Marieke at Ignite Amsterdam 13 - Marieke gave a presentation about the Agora project. Foto taken at Ignite Amsterdam 13. Govert de Jong

Selçuk Balamir

GreenWar is a sustainable military development company. Making environmentally-friendly, carbon-neutral warfare possible. Selçuk will present a few of GreenWar's products.


Selçuk at Ignite Amsterdam 13 - Selçuk about GreenWar. Foto taken at Ignite Amsterdam 13. Govert de Jong

Jeroen van Loon

Jeroen investigates the (non-) impact of internet on our lives. For a year he went analog, and refrained from connecting to the world wide web. He is currently working on Life Needs Internet in which he travels around the world and collects people's personal internet stories.


Jeroen at Ignite Amsterdam 13 - Jeroen talks about the (non-) impact of internet on our lives. Photo taken at Ignite Amsterdam 13. Govert de Jong

Sonja Bäumel

Sonja works at the intersection between fashion, and art and science. Her recent new material research has seen a heavy focus on the use of bacteria.


Sonja at Ignite Amsterdam 13 - Sonja speaks about her new material research. Photo taken at Ignite Amsterdam 13. Govert de Jong

Nhat-Vu Dang

Nhat-Vu is a Rietveld Academie graduate (2011), and will present his snappy, momentary jewelry.


Nhat-Vu at Ignite Amsterdam 13 - Nhat-Vu about his one-of-a-kind jewelry. Photo taken at Ignite Amsterdam 13. Govert de Jong

Maurits de Bruijn

Maurits graduated from the Rietveld Academie Beeld & Taal department last summer, and his first novel will be published in 2012. His work centers on ideas of absence and memory.


Maurits at Ignite Amsterdam 13 - Maurits combines his poetry with his artworks at Ignite Amsterdam 13. Govert de Jong

Thomas Rutgers (Woensdagman)

Thomas writes sampling software. He records instruments and plays them back to create new structures. The large-scale installations this work results in plays with people's concepts of time.

Abel van Gijlswijk

Abel is capo of the notorious Dutch post-avant-garage-punkband THE DON'T TOUCH MY CROQUE MONSIERS, and Mediamatic's graphic design sweetheart. The silent force behind all that looks good, tonight he'll be sharing his design philosophy with us.


Abel at Ignite Amsterdam 13 - Abel shares his design-views with us. Photo taken at Ignite Amsterdam 13. Govert de Jong

Met: Abel

Mirte Becker (Mashlab)

Wasting energy is a thing of the past! Mashlab, a collaboration project between several students, is working on a “ light gun”, an electronic futuristic pistol that can shoot out your lights.

More information

Doors open at 8pm, the first speaker kicks off at 8.30pm. Location: Mediamatic Bank, Vijzelstraat 68 Amsterdam. Tickets €2.- excl membership. If you don't have a membership card, you can buy one at the door for €5.-.