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Masha Ru (1984, Russia) is an artist with background in natural science, living and working in Amsterdam.

Their projects combine mathematics and scientific research with a personal approach, cultural aspects and spiritual elements. In 2007 they graduated from Lomonosov Moscow State University and moved to the Netherlands to work on a PhD project in Eindhoven University of Technology. In 2011 masharu obtained a doctor degree in Mathematics with specialization in image analysis and graduated with honours from a part-time program at Photo Academy Amsterdam. In 2013-2014 they followed a two-years research art-in-residency program at Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunst, Amsterdam. Their scientific as well as artistic work has been exhibited, screened and published in the Netherlands, Russia, USA, UK, China, Spain, France, Portugal, Belgium, Denmark, Austria, Croatia and Ukraine.


“When Jasmin told me about her project Realiteit van Theorie in August 2014 and asked for help regarding a technical part, I got interested in her approach and the theory behind. It didn't take long and we decided to collaborate as well content wise. So, we started developing it together”, tells masharu. Similar to Jasmin, she is interested in the phenomenon of a questionnaire and a question and also used to work in a number of collaborative projects. Though the backgrounds of the two artists are very different, they are both multi-disciplinary and complementary. As someone coming to arts from outside, masharu is often questioning the position of an artist in society, comparing it to the position of a scientist. She sees the parallel between the distance of the theoretical research in the natural science with its practical application and the statements that Jasmin made in her essay De Realiteit van Theorie about the art world.

Collaboration with Mediamatic:

First time they got involved with Mediamatic was in 2014, when they took part in the Starvation experiment (Lightness exhibition) with an interactive workshop “A fresh look at clay”, which was based on their project EAT*A*BLE.

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