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I was eleven when I got my first Hip Hop album ever. It was ‘Black on Both sides’ from Mos Def, a present from my brother, who at that time worked for Sony as a Junior Manager for artists like Nas and Maxwell. Every time I put on that cd, I’m inspired by the Hip Hop culture.

Like almost everyone who loves rap music, I made an attempt to make it as a rapper. I gave up this ambition when I was 13, and realised that it just wasn’t meant to be. I started to spend more time actually listening to the music, and to find other ways of doing something creative with it. At the the age of 16 I kicked off hosting a three-Dj-radioshow, called Bralwerk. It was there that I could work on my hosting and MC skills. Eventually we started throwing party’s and I began taking Mc’ing more seriously. Nowadays I live in Amsterdam, and host big Hip Hop party’s troughout the country. I hope to keep on developing myself, and to inspire people to have a fucking great party.


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  • Ghamte Schmidt