El Hema - Dutch Design Prize? - mmmm

I have not been so disappointed since England lost to the hand of Maradona in the WK final decades ago. Honestly, I am sorry for this, but this is the most over hyped exhibition/shop since the dawn of time.

With an idea with so much potential I can't believe it was executed so poorly. When I walked in I walked straight out thinking I must have the wrong place, there was nothing of interest. The nicest thing was the Baklava which I can get from 6 different places within 4 minutes from my front door. A total waste of time and effort in my opinion. An opinion I seem to be alone in which I find difficult to believe.

I'm sure it makes some people feel happy inside to be part of something percieved as so "multi cultural" but it's just lip service and a paper thin coating to deep grained racism and bigotry.

What is beyond comprehension is how it recieved a prize... let alone the Dutch Design Prize - honestly if anyone thinks this is worth anything but a wooden spoon (albeit with a Arabic writting on the handle) really needs to get out more and see something special for a change.