Rik Heijmen

Rik Heijmen (1972) is co-founder of Hendrikus® (www.hendrikus.nl)

Rik Heijmen (1972) Broad and current experience in (non-)conventional and interactive advertising. Disruptive thinker, crossing borders of media and advertising.

In 2002, I founded and creatively led Amsterdam based advertising agency OER, which was acquired by LBi in 2008. In 2009, together with appraised Creative Director Bram Oorthuizen, I founded Hendrikus® (www.hendrikus.nl)

Rik has worked for national and international clients since 1996, including ABN AMRO, bol.com, FBTO, Flowercouncil Holland, National Postcode Lottery, Postbank, SanDisk, Škoda, Symantec, Unilever, UPC and Vodafone.

Rik is married to Tanja Soeter and is father of two: Dries (2003) and Frida (2005).

Contact informatie

  • Rik Heijmen
  • 10-02-1972
  • 1019 AS
  • Amsterdam
  • NL