Diana Scherer


Diana Scherer - Artist Diana Scherer researches the impact of colour on plant development in her new Spectrum Crops project initiated at Mediamatic. Chiara Barraco

Diana Scherer is an Amsterdam-based German artist who explores the relationship man has with his natural environment and his desire to control nature. 

For the past few years, Scherer has been fascinated by plant processes that operate below the ground and are considered to be the ‘brains’ of the plant. Scherer explores and applies plant intelligence in her work by channeling plant roots systems into geometric patterns to form textile-like materials. During the growth process the roots conform to the man-made patterns and continue to weave and braid themselves.

She is currently collaborating with Radboud University to conduct her research and grow these new materials in the universities greenhouses. Her project has recently been awarded with the New Material Fellow Award.

At Mediamatic she has been working in collaboration with our exhibition and Aquaponics team on her new project Spectrum Crops - Findings in Color. For this project she will build six greenhouses in which different plants are grown. Each greenhouse consists of a different coloured stained window, in order to stimulate the growth of a variety of vegetables, herbs and weeds. In doing so, Scherer investigates how different wavelengths influence the shape, colour, taste and medicinal powers of different plants.

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