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Future Flora

Wear bacteria and be empowered?

Would you wear bacteria in your underwear if it would mean a healthier, happier vagina? 

Giulia Tomasello  is an Interaction Designer who is passionate about bio-hacking and wants to empower women through her projects in wearable tech and biotech. 

Future Flora was Tomasello’s graduating project for her MA in Material Futures at Central Saint Martins, that she completed in 2016. 


Future Flora - Tom Mannion

Future Flora is a harvesting kit designed for women to treat and prevent vaginal infections. It gives them the tools to grow, harvest and then wear their living organisms. The set contains an agar jelly-based element that one wears in a similar manner to a sanitary pad. This is intended to inspire the growth of bacteria that already live in the vagina and act to prevent and treat Candida yeast infections. The kit includes a box that alludes to the Petri dish, a pipette with a freeze-dried bacterial compound (lactobacillus) that is naturally found in the vagina and tweezers. One places the lactobacillus onto the pad and wears the bacteria. This allows for the healthy bacteria to grow. 

As of yet, the project is conceptual. So, we won’t be able to order our Future Flora kit and cure our yeast infections with it just yet. Nonetheless, it gets us thinking about candida infections and the taboos that exist surrounding them. Does it make you think differently about bacteria? How do you feel about the idea that we consist almost entirely of bacteria?

The piece is currently on show as part of the exhibition Internet of Women and Things, a the Tetem in Enschede. It will be there till the 14th of May. 

Keep your eyes out for Future Flora 2.0, a development of the concept. 



Future Flora - Petri-dish, agar, Lactobacillus  Giulia Tomasello


Future Flora - Kit contents Giulia Tomasello


Future Flora - Harvesting bacteria Incubator  Giulia Tomasello


Future Flora - Wearing bacteria Giulia Tomasello