Valienska Magfira

Humanarian-ism: The New Diet?

Imagine that you are constantly confronted with the impacts from your daily choices- the clothes you wear, or the food you eat. And maybe you may want to reconsider your choices now, perhaps opting for a more ethical or environmental alternative. No no, not vegetarianism or veganism, but human-arianism! A diet consisting of no other, but yourself (and consenting humans)!


Cyclus II - A still from Cecile Hübner's video performance at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam Cecile Hübner

The idea of such is not as far-fetched as we may think, and not as old-fashioned. For decades, many designers and writers alike have criticized our attitude towards hunting and autocannibalism. Often, they comment on the hypocrisy of consuming meat from mass production. While others try to replace the negative connotations with more positive connotations of innovation and ethics.

And so, substituting pigs blood with our own, or cheese with breast-milk cheese could lead to a possibility of a neo-futuristic and alternative diet: human-arianism. Is it animal-friendly? Yes. Is it dystopian? There's a possibility (but what isn't?). Can it be good and delicious? Your body, your choice!