Emma van Wolferen

Calling All Gingers!

Donate your scent to a rich redhead-bouquet

Inspired by Patrick Süsskind's 'Perfume' we're looking for steaming hot redheads willing to donate their smell during Playhouse: Sex S(m)ells for the creation of a one-of-a-kind perfume! And no worries, unlike the book, we just want your odour, not your life. 

Interested and secretly excited by the thought of people inhaling your smell? Sign up via: workshop@mediamatic.nl. 


Sexy gingers wanted! - Donate your scent at Mediamatic

Playhouse: Sex S(m)ells

During Playhouse: Sex S(m)ells we dive into the world of sexy (or unsexy) body smells. Together with Saskia Wilson Brown and Attic Lab's perfumers Thijs Elich and Renske van Vroonhoven, we smell different aromatic molecules associated with body parts, tincture material taken from the participants' armpits and extract the scent of a sexy redhead.

In the attempt to recreate the aroma as described in Patrick Süsskind's 'Perfume: Story of a Murderer,' we are looking for human subjects, willing to be sniffed and donate their scent. The perfume, containing extractions of gingers, will be further developed during Art Olfaction Amsterdam.

Art Olfaction Amsterdam

Mediamatic and The Institute for Art and Olfaction team up for a summer program exploring innovative topics around olfaction. Over the course of a month, the IAO Los Angeles team will be in residence at Mediamatic in the first part of an ongoing research and programme on open scent culture and olfactory art.