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Alessandro Gualtieri - Saskia Wilson-Brown

Renowned perfumer Alessandro Gualtieri was born and raised in Italy. His drive towards perfumery started when he stumbled upon a lab in Germany where the fragrances he encountered  inspired him to make his first steps into the world of perfumery. He has worked with major labels such as Fendi and Versace and now three of his own; Nasomatto, Orto Parisi, and MariaLux. In the 30 years Alessandro has been working in the fragrance industry, he has acquired a distinguished reputation as an agent provocateur with a flair for strong subversive scents.

For Mediamatic Alessandro created White Military Marina, a perfume inspired by the presence of the Navy on the Navy Terrain in the centre of Amsterdam. The perfume was developed for our sensuous game around city planning; Het Parfum.

Alessandro Guatieri believes that it is our senses that are behind our decision-making. As such, through Nasomatto, he aims to create perfumes that would reinforce certain feelings to the wearer rather than a mere accessory. And it is through the unconventionality in his perfumery that allows such an effect which also earns him his effective reputation.

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