Irina Ridzuan

Onderzoeksassistent voor Olfactory History of Oosterdok


Irina Ridzuan dreaming - Irina Ridzuan, PhD candidate, Research Assistant for Olfactory History of Oosterdok.

Amongst the many projects being juggled, I am an art historian, musician, immigrant, and life-long student.

Currently at Mediamatic, I am one of the personalities behind Olfactory History of Oosterdok. Beyond that, I am currently engulfed by my curiosity regarding Maritime Southeast Asia and its complicated relationship with Islam. The point is to understand, what the f*ck happened? In more scholarly terms, how can a scholar try to re-construct a history that has been many times rewritten. My other scholarly interests include (but is not exclusive to): negotiating identities, reclaiming agency through art, and deconstructing art historical canons in the 21st century.

During the few moments of quietude, between Mediamatic and my doctorate, I ironically fill it up with lots of music-making, spoken word poetry, learning Serbian, and the general finding-out-ways-to-make-me-feel-like-my-knowledge-pool-is-even-smaller shenanigans. My other goofy interests include (but is not exclusive to): re-constructing my mother's recipes (because Malaysian aunties never work with recipes), going through my ever-growing pile of to-read books, and catching up on film classics Malaysia is too far away to have caught on time. 

Ultimately, I must steal the words of Blaise Pascal: "I have made this letter longer than usual, only because I have not had the time to make it shorter."

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