Dominik Einfalt

Enlighted Chimeras

Mycelium Experiments

Upcycling broken found objects with mycelium to create something new and interesting.

When I started my internship in the CleanLab of Mediamatic I had no idea how the mycelium behaves, what the possibilities & also the limits are. So I decided to create some experiments with mycelium just to get to know the material I'm gonna work with in the future. So I had a walk around Mediamatic and took interesting pieces of everything and took it with me into the lab.


Enlighted Chimeras -


Broken Glass & Mycelium

Is it possible for me to combine glass and mycelium?



Enlighted Chimera #2.0 -

My second object I found was just a broken glass jar. I decided to replace the missing parts of the glass with mycelium to create a small little lamp. If you wanna have some stronger light, you can turn it the way you get direct light from the light bulb, if you wanna have more dimmed light, you can just turn it the other way around so you can enjoy the indirect light.


Enlighted Chimera #2.3 -


Enlighted Chimera #2.2 -




Dried Herbs & Mycelium

My first lamp was born.



Enlighted Chimera #1 -

The first object I found was just some dried Herbs lying on our compost heap. So I decided to weave with them and afterwards let the mycelium strengthen the net to create a small little lamp. The special part about this lamp is for sure the shadows it casts. Thanks to the light in the middle of all these herbs, the lamp casts amazing shadows.


Enlighted Chimera #1.2 -



Old steel & Mycelium

What shall i do with a rusty steel pole?


Enlighted Chimera #3.0 -

The last object i found was a rusty steel pole. After the first successful test with the dried herbs i decided to connect the steel with mycelium & also dried herbs to create a small little table lamp. 


Enlighted Chimera #3.1 -