The Sin Eaters Research Suzana Orsolic

Day 3: Tabula Rasa

“When is it kicking in?”

Day 3 became Day 0. We started from scratch, with a table full of ideas. Five senses, seven deadly sins (plus one if you include sadness), different colours corresponding to our senses and also sins and of course our new team member Hildegard, with all her ideas about how to cure different diseases by using the right herbs and eating and drinking the right produce. Now the fun part began.


Candied Hortus Dijkspark flowers and plants - Suzana Orsolic

We started researching ingredients and collecting trays full of fresh herbs that we transferred to different aggregate states. Sorrel became a delicious caramel that became a drink when pouring hot water over it, spruce tips produced some wonderfully aromatic salt and deep-fried rice paper filled with flowers made for some surprisingly beautiful little artworks.


Experiments with sugar and sorrel and begonia from the Aquaponics Greenhouse - Suzana Orsolic


Rice paper and herbs - to see or to eat? - Suzana Orsolic

And, as we had already reached the stage where we trusted each other blindly, we decided to pop some magic pills together. As in miracle berry pills, made from an African fruit that contains the active ingredient miraculin. It is simple science – the miraculin inhibits the taste receptors and makes sour taste sweet. But that doesn’t make the experience any less interesting. Think of drinking vinegar just like syrup, pickled cucumbers suddenly get a soft honey glaze and fresh cut pineapple and lemon create this addictive sweet-sour-sensation in your mouth that you get after eating too many sour gummy worms.


Connecting food colour and taste - Suzana Orsolic

A hot coffee eventually ended this experience on our tongues, but it did not end the flow of ideas and questions about to what degree we are able to affect our perception of taste and what even defines sourness or sweetness. After all, is taste just a social sense, created by cultural context? 

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