Alice Héron

Multidisciplinary artist and cheffe


Alice Héron -

Alice Héron (France, 1993)  is a multidisciplinary artist and cheffe working in between Amsterdam and Berlin. Graduated from Design Lab at Rietveld Academie, she creates sensory food experiences, site specific environments, as well as visceral sculptures evoking a scary, but beautiful feeling of following intuition.

Through different mediums Alice investigates how our bodies sense and interact with one another. Her work focuses on sensual and corporeal organic shapes invading our manufactured space and daily life, questioning the way nature is used and consumed.

Currently, Alice Héron explores the idea of "gut feeling" by observing how her work as a professional cook nourishes her sculptural-driven artistic practice. She is interested in the relationship between care, intuition and guts; what we eat and how we feel; and how we digest feelings and food. How can food and art relate to the inside feelings that shape our social behaviors and decision-making?


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  • Alice Marie-Jeanne Héron

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