Promised Land

June '15 - July '19

How, and where to move thousands of kilos of straw and clay?

When Mediamatic moved from the Van Gendthallen to the Dijksgracht in 2015, we had to disassemble our freshly built straw office. It was dropped on the new Biotoop premises and shielded with a layer of soil. Over the years various weeds landed on the old covered office. It was the stage for multiple projects, including the yearlong cabbage fermentation. In July 2019, Ruchama Noorda took on the care for this heap of hope.


Dijksgracht 6 luchtfoto - 1986 Aerial View of the Sluisdeurenloods and DIVV building This is where the bridge and lock maintenance department of the city was housed from 1957 till 2014. After that, it became the main location for Mediamatic. At that time the main building had only two storeys and the "portakabin" annex was only one layer high. The water on the bottom right is the Oosterdok and at the bottom left, there is the "Oosterdoksdoorgang", the passage onder the train bridge and De Ruyterkade that connects Oosterdok to the IJ-river. On the bottom left you see the current…