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As written, my name is Francesca. I arrived at Mediamatic to complete my Bachelor's study and learn more about perfumes and scents blending.
I'm going to graduate in the sciences of herbal products and health, which means my background is in chemistry, analytical laboratory techniques, and herbalism.
I went on with some personal projects related to extractions of scents ( cocoa beans scent ) and composition of complex perfumes ( wine's smell), as well as learning a lot about common ingredients used in perfumery, smell strength.
My Internship was quite long here, so I luckily took part in many events and workshops: from Dutch design week to Beftival, from Odorama on summer's smell to the Sin eater.My philosophy around perfumes has also changed, now I see them as a really subjective and deep form of expressing ideas, I've never thought about it in such an artistic way before coming here but Frank and Niklaus showed me a reality that I did not know.
Being surrounded with so much creative energy has opened many perspectives to me and taught me many side skills.


Tot ziens MM!!!

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