Julia Schmitz



Beftival portrait Julia Schmitz - Caroline Aravicius

Julia Schmitz (1993) is a filmmaker with a great fascination for the process of imaging and the construction of stories. In her associative films, she often explores complex subjects, such as sexual pleasure, with a light-hearted and somewhat bold approximation. 

Her work has depth without heaviness, as humor and poetry come together to play within daring image and sound montages. With an essayistic style, she reflects on both the personal and the political within the act of representation. Julia studied at the Royal Academy of Art (The Hague) where she experimented with film installations. She deepened her practice at the Master of Visual Anthropology at Goldsmiths University (London). She is currently researching imaging and experiences around having a penis.

How do you become a multi-orgasmic woman? Through a journey of discovery through the many theories and images of female sexual pleasure, this associative film interweaves the knowledge of experts and sexologists with the filmmaker's own fantasies, memories and confusions: who actually produces sexual knowledge? And how to visualize the invisible?

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