Philipp Schueller


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Philipp Schueller is an cross-disciplinary thinker and designer whose work sometimes departs from fashion and transforms into speculative future landscapes.

Over the past few years, Schueller has challenged the conventions of fashion as one half of the design duo SCHUELLER DE WAAL. The duo used "fashion therapy" as a guiding principle to address problems in the fashion industry, while using "fashion as therapy" to explore the positive impact of these proposals on our society.

Having always been fascinated by the systemic development of the "new" in fashion, Schueller wants to move away from the idea that the garment must work on the body. Instead, he takes an approach similar to that of biologists, viewing fashion as a "dying species" and exploring garments as materials. He wants to speculate on future "fashion species" and is intrigued by the idea of analyzing fashion as "skin" in an evolutionary sense, comparing it to life forms that shed or change their skin in order to survive.

Related to this is the desire to minimize fashion consumption to prevent the acceleration of climate change. What will happen to fashion when we stop dressing and start undressing? Reverse evolution.

Philipp Schueller holds a Masters in Fashion from the Royal College of Art in London and a BA in Fashion Design from the Amsterdam Fashion Institute. In addition to his practice, he teaches at Dutch and German art and fashion academies.