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Sensory food designer Laila Snevele explores the perception of food through multisensorial research. What role does color, shape, texture, temperature, sound, mouthfeel and aroma play in our understanding of a certain food? And how can we use these elements to change or elevate our sense of taste? Snevele designs recipes for the brain.

She create custom sensory solutions for brands, events and restaurants and gives talks and workshops on creative thinking and food design.

Snevele sees our senses as a free resource that we are not using the full potential of. In her practice she combines food design with multisensory research. She is interested in human behavior and the stimuli that influence our choices and likings. She is also curious to understand the brain, how it perceives different information and translates it in our food experience. She is curious if by arranging the knowledge available from science and combining it with creative application and research, she wants to feed the brain the right information that would understand the stimuli in tasting sweet, sour, bitter umami or salty.

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