Sept - Dec 2021

Jana Stockerer

Programme & event assistant


Jana cutting the hedge during communal gardening - Photo credits:  Eszter Jámbor Eszter Jámbor

During my time at Mediamatic I worked mainly on the production of Inhuman Carnaval at Dutch Design Week, BEFtival and the exhibition Border Ecologies and the Gaza Strip.

Besides that, I write contextualizing blogposts to bring a project to life performatively with the help of language. Since I like to make sure everything runs smoothly during an event, I run around a lot, keep the campfire going and be a support to my colleagues. Besides team and floor management and volunteer coordination, I sometimes spend the whole day in the print room working on my personal relationship with the HP Designjet Z210044 or in the barn training my skills as an electrician and build the lighting for an exhibition.

Beyond Mediamatic I'm currently pursuing my Master's degree in Arts and Media Management in Hamburg and will graduate in 2022.  Before that I lived in Vienna for four years and studied Theatre and Film studies. Originally from a small town in the south of Germany, I can't get away from loving nature and want to find ways to bring its calming and inspiring effects back to people. What do you learn about yourself and the houses and trees around you when you use your senses more consciously?

So far I have worked mainly on concept developing, planning and implementation of small grassroots festivals. I am interested in exploring avenues outside of the usual employment relationships, and in structuring networking and collaborations more through personal environments. My goal is to be able to offer a stage to emerging musicians and artists, and to play on hidden, unusual places in nature in order to raise awareness for its uniqueness and preciousness.

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