Jeanne Rousselot

From Eye to Tongue

A Film Dinner experience


Girl offers oyster with a single drop of blood - Still from Tampopo Movie poster for Tampopo, a film by Juzo Itami   Jûzô Itami

Getting Comfy

Course 0 – Zen Pussy by Annie Sprinkle (12 minutes)

We were welcomed in a pink-lit room. On three screens close-ups of vulvas were speaking to us. A whisper of breathing and moaning filled the space. In between the big plants, we got a cave-tail, a mix of blood, spit, sweat and vaginal fluids.

In this space, you were also presented with a choice: do you like to bef, be beffed, both or neither? According to your answer, you got handed a napkin.

Attract and Seduce

Course 1 – Touch Crimes by Sally Fenaux Barleycorn

After entering this space, you noticed that the napkin presented itself in different colours, corresponding with one's answer.

As the apple in the middle of the room winked at us, the film Touch Crime began. A clip full of desire, forbidden and tension that directly set the tone for the evening.

When the movie ended, apples were served to everyone. Should we bite it? Or make use of the cutlery? Putting aside the excitement and looking at the other participants we discovered the hidden food inside the apple. A sweet mixture of apple, ginger, carrot and edible flower. 

Tingling Sensations

Course 2 – Female Pleasure Circle by Erika Lust

While Laura Van Zuylen introduced the concept of the evening and the two films, we received a Polyamor beer from the Oedipus brewery.

The next film was more of a documentary where women, dressed in a simple coloured patch on their skin, described their first discovery of masturbation.
The accompanying dish, shaped like a vulva, featured creamy polenta, oysters mushrooms, a small onion as a clitoris and fizzy sugar to make your taste buds tingle.

Horny Juices

Course 3 – Tampopo by Jûzô Itami 

Leaving this space, we arrived in the restaurant. A long, wide and luxurious table welcomed us. In the middle of the table was a canvas on which the films would be projected.
On the table were candlesticks, flowers, and metal dishes with oysters on them, vegan oysters. 

Course 4 – L’empire des sens by Nagisa Ōshima


The Journey

Course 5 – At Land by Maya Deren


Climax (optional)

Course 6 – Pussy Album by Stella Bergsma


The After Buzz

Course 7 – Je Tu Il Elle by Chantal Akerman



Food for thought:

What is the first word that comes to mind when you think of beffen? Can you name something beautiful about it?  Kissing after: a big yes or major no? Bush or bald: what pubic hair fashion do you like?  Imagine this: from tomorrow onwards you can only have sex in one position which one would that be? What bothers you the most in bed: fatigue, stress, shame or discomfort? Is lust a burden? Describe your first-time masturbating. What part of your sex life do you share with your partner? What part is just yours? Do you accept advice during sex? Do you give advice or instructions? What vocabulary do you use? Is oral sex a tit for tat exchange? Do you gain sexual pleasure from giving oral sex? Is an orgasm the end of sex?


Bef Film Diner

This event was part of BEFtival, a festival featuring over 30 artists and scientists that was organised to discuss and celebrate fe-male sexuality, gender and preference. It opened on 6 November during Museumnacht 2021.