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Stella Bergsma

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Stella Bergsma is a writer, opinion maker and frontwoman of the band Einsteinbarbie . In 2014 her collection Cupcakes with poems and song lyrics was published by Lebowski publishing house and in 2015 she translated the poems  of Charles Bukowski. She coined the term 'slut fear' and writes columns, articles and stories for, among others, de Volkskrant, De Morgen, HP/DeTijd, Linda and Vrij Nederland.

In March 2016 her debut novel Pussy Album was published by Nijgh & Van Ditmar, a controversial book that received rave reviews from Jeroen Vullings, Sylvia Witteman and Marnix Verplancke, among others. In 2020 she wrote the book week manifesto Nouveau Fuck, especially for cross-thinkers.

Stella is a regular guest on talk shows to give her unvarnished opinion on dangerous issues such as feminism, sex & literature.

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