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Nicola serving Frieslander

Serres Séparées

The Frieslander is a dish part of the menu curated by chef Gino Marengo for our Serres Séparées. Here, our sous-chefs Afra Commandeur (left) and Nicola Consoli are preparing this main dish for our guests. 

The Serres Séparées are a corona inspired extension of our restaurant service. In private little greenhouses for two or four persons, you can share a fine dining experience with your intimi. In restaurants and bars, a separate room is traditionally named in French: "chambre séparée". It suggests a sexy kind of intimacy; here things can happen that should remain hidden from plain sight and not be heard by all. We've decided to name our greenhouses in French too. Although what happens inside will be a lot more public...

Photo taken on April 2nd, 2022. 

Photo credit: Andrea Valdivia