Arne Hendriks

Pigeon Cam

On the 7th of June 2022, almost two years after we first started learning how to build pigeon towers with waste mycelium, we introduced the first four squab (young pigeons) into their new living spaces. 

If you're interested to relocate young pigeons into a new home it is important to introduce them when they are between four and six weeks old. This is when pigeons develop the homing skills that allow them to find their way home from almost anywhere. During two weeks they need to remain inside their new home while getting accustomed to their new surroundings. Meanwhile we provide them with all the pulses, grains, grit and water they need. After 14 days we'll open the tower to the big outdoors and the pigeons are free to go where ever they want. Hopefully, and probably, by then they will want to return to the tower and consider it their home. In the meanwhile we installed a small camera to see how they're doing, if they are at ease and eat and drink well. So far so good. The first image is a beauty.