Meet A Maker - Philipp Kolmann

18 aug 2022

Are you in need of some artistic input or discussion partner on your project? Philipp Kolmann is open for a creative consultation and discussing ideas. 

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Rammed Earth - Image courtesy of Philipp Kolmann Philipp Kolmann

Who is this for?

Are you looking for fresh insight on your artistic research? Do you need to talk through a concept, or receive some honest advice on your project? Or are you simply fascinated by fermentation, motivated by microbial communities?

During the session, you will have a 30-minute consultation with Philipp to discuss anything relating to your work: any ideas you may have, or challenges you may be facing. You can expect an honest, invigorating conversation, which leaves you with plenty of food for thought.

About the artist

Philipp Kolmann is an Austrian designer based in the Netherlands. He graduated from the Design Academy in Eindhoven in 2017 before moving to the Alps to work as a herdsman. He has since explored Alpine culinary traditions and learnt dairy craft in Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia and Italy. He is now looking to the fermentation processes of grains, seeds and seaweed to explore potential for a plant-based culinary transition. 

Philipp has worked on projects including 'The Archive of Alpine Olfactory Memories', collecting scent related, local stories told by alpine environments and its people, and 'Metropolitan Cheese' which considers how the local identity of cheese is constructed through its interaction with bacteria. Kolmann recently ran a workshop in the WATERSCHOOL M4H+ Architecture for Microbes, investigating possible ways of peaceful interactions with microbes within our domestic environments through the circular journey of sourdough bread.

As an artist in residence with Mediamatic, Philipp is exploring the 'embodied landscape', investigating ways of expressing sensory connection to our surroundings and environments.


When purchasing a ticket, you can choose a time between 15:00 and 16:30.
Artists/Students discount 7,50€ | Full price 10€
We give a discount to students, artists and Stadspas holders. If this applies to you we might ask to see your kvk nr/portfolio or student card for this option.

The consult takes place outside, please dress appropriately. 
Philipp speaks German and English. 

For questions please e-mail

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