Making art funds more accessible

A/artist Roundtable

3 okt 2022

On Monday the 3rd of October we come together for another dinner and discussion round at Mediamatic. 

This time, we return to our practical discussion about changes organisations can make to become more accessible for neurodiverse artists. This starts within our own organisation, since Mediamatic has its own call for submissions, Penny for Your Thoughts, which allows artists to propose a project idea and receive funding to help realise it.

How can Mediamatic make this application process more accessible, and inspire other organisations to do the same? 

**Note: this event is by invitation only. If you are interested, feel free to email us at**


Morphology of Sprout Leaves detail2 - Form der Keimblätter ca. 1850 German lithograph ca 1850 courtesy Wellcome Collection Publication: M. Formerg, Blattformen Tafel 1 : Lithographie, druck u. verlag von C. C. Meinhold & Sōhne, Dresden c. 1850 Lettering transcription: Form der keimblätter. keimende Ahornfrucht - Acer campestre, Ahorn - Acer campestre, Linde - Tilia parvifolia Reference: Wellcome Library no. 28434i