Signage around Mediamatic aka White Line


White Line 1 -

As a graphic designer assistant, you sometimes need to do some practical and handy work. Here is the best one.

The white line around Mediamatic building might need some renovation because of the rain, because of people walking on it and because of some random event that needs to destroy it. 


Here are the few steps you need to know to do the white line:

-go to the Barn and find the stock of the white lines and the primer (at the back)

-then grab the amount you need and, if it's necessary, cut the material with a pair of scissors or a knife (cutter)

-when you're ready with that, you can have a look for the propane bottle (red one) with the torch (blow pipe) linked at the end of the tube.

-at this moment, go outside and put a layer of the primer where you want to repair the line (on the floor and not on the old white line). You can do it with a brush or a paint roller (small one.)

-you can wait 5 minutes and then put the white line where you want, needs to touch the old line but no go on the top of that one.

-ok now you're ready to be on fire. I know, it looks a bit scary but if you stay away from the flame normally you're not going to burn your legs ;) 

-to turn on the gas, you have to open it from the red bottle and then, grab the torch and, with a lighter, turn it on from the end.

-normally you can see a flame coming out of the torch, that's a good sign. Then, with the little blue "button" you can turn and adjust the strength of the flame. It needs to be quite intense, otherwise you will never be able to melt your line on the floor.

- the little guide on the withe line, the small marks, need to disappear during the melting. When you can't see them anymore and when the material starts to create little (but very little) bubbles, then it's done. You can always check if it's melted properly by waiting and try with your hand to remove it.

-and here you are, if the line turn yellow, please remove the fire from the floor because that means it's too melty. But no worries, sometimes it happens and then the yellow also disappear.

Congrats, you're free now.