Text-based art with Arjan van Amsterdam

A/artist round table

28 nov 2022

Monday the 28th of November at 19:00 Arjan van Amsterdam shares some of his work during the next round table session. He presents a selection of his work in which he explores how the use of text can be seen as material. Arjan gives us some insight in his methods and the underlying thought processes.

Although text or stories may offer information, contemplation or education, it remains subject to personal interpretation. This point of view suggests a fluidity of meaning, an uncertainty that is a common thread within Arjan’s work.

We are curious how this perspective will be interpreted and discussed from some of our neurodivergent qualities. It makes us look forward to Monday!

**Note: this event is by invitation only. If you are interested, feel free to email us at a.artist@mediamatic.nl**

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