Luc Berendsen

Project Manager (he/him)


Veggie Portrait. Luc - grape... Sandra Ruiz Castroviejo

A passion for sustainability and nature, a background in researching activist art-movements and having worked as a producer, are the ingredients in a good recipe for a projectmanager at Mediamatic.

In 2022 I graduated from Utrecht University with a bachelor in art history, mainly having focussed on politically engaged media art. During and after my studies I have been working as a freelance producer, having produced New Media expositions, festivals, performances and performance art. I am mostly interested in seeing in which way (media) art can play a role in the discussions surrounding issues of social or environmental nature. I personally strive to create and produce programming which is accessible and interesting for everyone; from young children to art historians. I also very much love cats :) Next to my work at Mediamatic, I work for FAAM: a Utrecht based organisation working on interdisciplinary art and research projects.

During my time at Mediamatic I worked on: 

Elficological Knowledge: Dew Harvesting

KIP: Theatervoorstelling voor kippen

Invasive Energy Harvesting: EROI Drink

Hard//hoofd: de on//smakelijke maaltijd

Hortus project


Gentle Disco's

Pigeon Towers

A/Artist Symposium